Bluegill Consultants helps individuals and businesses to bring out magazines which are resoundingly popular and first choice of readers. We provide design and lay-out support to tabloids, magazines and story books. We strategize to increase magazine circulation and readership. With us you are assured of quality and appealing magazine design and presentation. We adhere to all sizes and international design standards of magazines.


New Readers

  • Your web site offers an exceptional tool for prospective new readers to discover you based on Internet searches. This internet Search has based on particular words, expressions or phrases related to the content of your magazine. It will enhance visitor traffic towards your website and provide you the medium to sell your print publication value.

Readers interface

  • Welcome your existing reader base to see added content for preferred articles or story online and to post their article or story feedback which will allows you to create a strong interactive connection with your subscribers.


To get  quote for your Magazines Design/New Readers/Readers interface simply call us on 040-65292949