Public Relations & Promotions

Press release campaign: Press release campaigns are one of the most economic and persuasive ways to keep your commerce in the public eye. We play a significant role in disseminating accurate, appropriate and timely information that is released in a pre selected and pre approved media vehicle, to enable the information to arrive at the desired audience.

Media relations

We handle the media relation with a deft touch. We develop the perfect approach and create story ideas to encourage your product in the best way. Your products, services, advertisements and people will get the attention you deserve and desire at all times, sometimes in the slightest expected ways. Our relationship with the media and the ingenious story approach ensure they continue to lift up our ideas and even come to us when they need a story.

Event planning and Event promotions

Our full planning and organization services apply to various events with Corporate & Social. Despite the type of event, we follow the same process that assures the quality of the result. If people do not aware about your event, then they will not approach. That’s why event promotion is a must. We are specializing in getting your point across.


We concentrate in product shoots and use it comprehensively in our print advertisements enhancing the visual appeal of the ad making. We provide you a proficient and impactful mix to help you hit it off instantly with your target audience.


Organizations have to communicate with their diverse people (consumers, workers, stakeholders, potential investors, channel members, and administration as well as common public). We help you to build a solid reputation or strong public relation and a positive image which attracts employees, shareholder, and customers.

Products & Events

To encourage your product or service, you have to plan first and then get public to a promotional event. Your product promotion will depend upon your objective. If you are hosting a small, focused event similar to a press conference, you require only sending personal invitations, e-mailing and making a few telephone calls.

Your event is unique, and we are always prepared and eager to accept any challenge. We look forward to functioning with you in creating memories you can cherish forever.

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