In-Film Branding

In-Film Branding is nothing but marketing brands through movies. Consumers are exhausted of traditional brand communication and they desire to receive communication in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

We provide an innovative stage for brands to reach their potential consumers. We help a brand to be present in the content itself and therefore become indivisible from the story. Such combination of the brand within the script of a film assists in conveying the brand message in an entertaining and appealing way.

As product placements and branding in films or movies are an old fashion in Bollywood but Tollywood is rapidly catching up in a big way. Telugu film industry deal experts estimate that over 20 % of the films made in the industry have either in-film branding or post film branding which saves the producers anywhere in between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 70 lakh on a movie’s finances.

A common example of this trend is the film ‘Village Lo Vinayakudu’¬†which is one of the lowest budget movie made with Rs approx 1.39 crore. The film makers roped in around 12 brands to be a part of this movie.

Where a retail store took care of the outfit, Andhra Pradesh tourism department supervises the locations, a telecom service dealer to provide hoardings, publish adverts, standees, posters and are even giving away a free of charge SIM card with every audio CD, an animation studio provided free 3D animation for the film there by saving huge money for the producer.

We help influence brands by integrating their communication with the film. The publicity close by a new movie in South India particularly in Andhra Pradesh is huge and this gives brands an opportunity to leverage themselves through associations. There are a large number of ground events, competitions, star appearances and interviews that happen before and after the launch of a film which allows the brand gain the maximum mileage.

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